A wonderful adventure to share with your friends! Combine forces and solve even the most difficult riddles. And everything with one goal in mind: to escape the room you are all trapped in. You have only 60 minutes. As time passes, the tension reaches its height. This new way of spending your time together, called escape rooms or escape games, has already fascinated the inhabitants of Tricity, Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot. An inconspicuous-looking building located next to Gdansk University of Technology hides a sea of meticulously prepared riddles, ciphers and codes. Each ill-considered move might trap you inside the four walls of the room forever.

Escape games are a perfect form of entertainment for all age groups. Be it families, friends or companies, everyone will find escape rooms a rich and exciting source of emotional adventures. Tricity, that is Gdańsk, Gdynia and Sopot, is home to creative people full of bright ideas. Use your investigative skills and enjoy the exhilarating action-movie experience. Play our escape game and see what it’s like to fight a real battle with time. You can find all that in the city with PGE ARENA and slender towers of Old Town churches rising in the horizon.

Show how smart you are and find the way out or stay trapped in the room forever…

Price:99/120 PLN

20% discount for students on Thurs!

*50% of the group have to hold valid student cards.

Time:60 minutes

2 rooms to choose from for groups of 2-5 people

Opening hours:

10.30 – 22.00